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What is a Cyst & How an Urgent Care Can Help


Cysts can be quite common, affecting all age groups and almost 20% of all adults in the US at some point in time. Occurring in all shapes, sizes, and severity. Cysts are generally easily treatable and in this article, you will learn how you can leverage your local Urgent Care to quickly treat and address cysts. What is a Cyst? A cyst is a small pocket of tissue filled with air, fluid, or other substances. They can develop in any part of the body and may be caused by genetics, inflammation, infection, or other issues. Cysts are usually round, dome-shaped lumps [...]

What is a Cyst & How an Urgent Care Can Help2023-02-13T17:51:20+00:00

How Much Does Urgent Care Cost & Why They are Chosen Over A Doctors Office In 2023


Urgent care centers and emergency rooms are both valuable resources for those in need of medical treatment. However, the cost of treatment can vary greatly depending on the type of facility you choose. Understanding the differences between urgent care and emergency room services can help you make informed decisions about your health care and save you money in the process. What is Urgent Care? Urgent care centers are designed to provide immediate, walk-in medical treatment for non-life-threatening conditions, such as minor injuries, illnesses, and infections. Our urgent care center offers a wide range of services, including diagnostic testing, x-rays, and on-site [...]

How Much Does Urgent Care Cost & Why They are Chosen Over A Doctors Office In 20232023-02-04T18:05:18+00:00

Is Shingles Contagious? – Everything You Need To Know About Shingles


If you have been diagnosed with shingles, you've probably asked yourself the question: Are shingles contagious? And more importantly, how much of my life can I watch take place in public while I'm wearing a painful bandage? Don't worry — you're not alone—these questions plague individuals dealing with shingles because the viral infection is found in the skin. For those who have ever asked yourself: what are shingles? Well, today is the day that you can find that answer. In this article, we will answer all your queries regarding shingles. What are Shingles? Shingle is a viral infection that causes [...]

Is Shingles Contagious? – Everything You Need To Know About Shingles2023-01-16T02:21:37+00:00

How Long Does Strep Throat Last?


How long does strep throat last? Strep throat affects over 500,000 people in the United States every year. It is caused by group A Streptococcus bacteria, which target the throat and tonsils. Strep throat can cause a range of uncomfortable symptoms and is generally easily diagnosed. In this article, you will learn more about this common illness by understanding the symptoms, treatments, and frequently asked questions about the illness. All of which will answer, how long strep throat lasts. What is strep throat?Strep throat is an infection of the throat and tonsils caused by a particular bacterium, known as streptococcus pyogenes. [...]

How Long Does Strep Throat Last?2023-01-09T18:28:45+00:00

How to Break a Fever? 8 Tips to Try and Kick a Holiday Sickness


Let's face it, it's the holidays and the last thing you need is a fever! Fevers are a normal part of the body's defense system and can be caused by infections, viruses, and other illnesses. It is important to identify how high your fever is before attempting to break it in order to prevent any serious health complications. If you are wondering; how to break a fever, find out some ways you can avoid urgent care or hospital during the busiest time of the year. How to tell if you have a feverFever is an elevation in body temperature that is [...]

How to Break a Fever? 8 Tips to Try and Kick a Holiday Sickness2022-12-13T18:45:17+00:00

What is pneumonia?


What is pneumonia?Pneumonia is an infection in one or both of the lungs caused by bacteria, viruses, or fungi. It is characterized by inflammation of the alveoli (the small air sacs in the lung tissue) and an accumulation of fluid or pus. Pneumonia is responsible for a quarter of all deaths from infectious diseases in the United States. Its core symptoms share many of those similar to other upper respiratory infections and sicknesses, including Coronavirus. What is the main cause of pneumonia?The main cause of pneumonia is bacterial or viral infection. These infections can be spread through contact with an infected [...]

What is pneumonia?2022-11-28T21:49:27+00:00

Why People Are Choosing Urgent Care Facilities over A Doctors Office In 2022


If you've ever had to see a doctor, your visit may have gone something like this: You arrive at the office and are greeted by an empty waiting room upon entering. Then, it begins. Your name is called, and you walk down one hall after another until only one door is left — which leads to the doctor's appointment room. This has been happening since before we were born. But things are changing!With medical costs rising yearly, patients are looking for alternatives to provide the same services promptly. Urgent Care Centers or urgent care clinics are an essential alternative to regular [...]

Why People Are Choosing Urgent Care Facilities over A Doctors Office In 20222022-11-17T17:07:06+00:00

What Is Indigestion: 7 Reasons You Should Go To Urgent Care for Your Indigestion


If you've ever suffered from Indigestion, you know it's not pleasant. You'll feel pain in your stomach that radiates to your chest. You may also have trouble eating, or you might be suffering from nausea and vomiting.Seeing your primary care physician can seem like a great idea when you're suffering from Indigestion, but in reality, it might not always be your best option. While many people think of the emergency room as their only option, there are other alternatives to help relieve heartburn symptoms, such as urgent care centers. Indigestion can be caused by minor things like overeating, eating the wrong [...]

What Is Indigestion: 7 Reasons You Should Go To Urgent Care for Your Indigestion2022-11-17T03:30:03+00:00

Get Fast Relief for Your Symptoms of Laryngitis


Having a sore throat accompanied by voice impairment is what laryngitis is all about. Laryngitis refers to inflammation of the larynx, i.e., the vocal cords associated with the respiratory tract. Commonly, laryngitis by itself does not pose any threat but may occasionally lead to more severe complications such as breathing problems and even death.Laryngitis symptoms can be very unpleasant. You may cough a lot, have trouble swallowing, and feel like you have a raw dry throat. What is laryngitis? It's a throat infection caused by an imbalance of the body's natural defenses that often results in a sore throat, ear infection, [...]

Get Fast Relief for Your Symptoms of Laryngitis2022-10-20T03:23:29+00:00

Understanding What Causes Headaches and How to Treat Them


Headaches can cause severe pain and discomfort. They can last from a few minutes to a few days and are sometimes so bad that your daily activities are disrupted. Headaches fall under different types, ranging from tension headaches to migraines to cluster headaches. There are few things as debilitating and inhibiting as a headache. While you may have heard about headaches in your life, do you know what a headache is? This article will tell you everything that may cause headaches, from the common to the odd to the grave, and not-so-serious reasons.What are Headaches?Headache is a throbbing or pulsating pain [...]

Understanding What Causes Headaches and How to Treat Them2022-10-19T20:30:16+00:00
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