Is it safe to go to urgent care right now?

Are you unsure of how to proceed with your medical concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic? Many of our patients at University Urgent Care are hesitant to visit our urgent care center because they’re worried about the safety of coming into our Fort Worth, TX offices. We continue to offer superior medical services for our patients throughout this time. When you need medical care, you shouldn’t hesitate to visit our facilities. We are closely following all CDC guidelines to keep our urgent care facilities safe for both our patients and staff. Our ER doctors and nurse practitioners and professional medical staff are working hard to maintain the highest level of cleanliness and safety in our facility.

Safety and Sanitation

Our staff at University Urgent Care continues to maintain a clean and safe office. During the coronavirus pandemic, we have increased our cleaning to make sure that all of our patients are safe. Our waiting room and all exam rooms are sanitized between patients. We follow the specific steps set forth by the CDC to reduce the risk of coronavirus transfer at our Fort Worth, TX urgent care college clinic, as well as our other urgent care clinics.

Immediate Access to Medical Professionals

A benefit of visiting our urgent care clinic at this time is that we are experiencing low traffic, meaning that you will be seen quickly. There also will not be a lot of people in our waiting room, so your risk of contracting coronavirus is minimal. This makes it easy to maintain social distancing during your visit.

Never delay medical care because of the fear of contracting coronavirus. Delayed medical treatment can sometimes lead to complications. If you think that you need medical care, it’s best to book an appointment at our urgent care center as soon as possible. Ultimately, when you need an appointment, you can expect short wait times and fast and efficient medical service at University Urgent Care.

When an emergency happens, it’s best to visit the local hospital room or call 911 as our medical staff isn’t prepared to treat every type of medical situation. Basic medical services may be able to wait, but emergencies can lead to life-threatening situations.

Telehealth Appointments

Depending on your medical conditions, we do offer telehealth visits that are conducted using video chat. These virtual visits allow you to be treated from the comfort and safety of your own home with a smartphone, tablet, or computer. You also reduce your exposure to infectious diseases, which is especially important for sick and immunocompromised patients. These telehealth visits are offered during regular office hours.

Test for coronavirus in Fort Worth, TX

At University Urgent Care, we perform coronavirus testing to patients who have experienced symptoms of coronavirus and were unable to be tested or who were around someone who has tested positive for coronavirus. After testing, one of our staff members will call you with your results. We do suggest that you self-quarantine until you receive your results, even if you aren’t experiencing any symptoms.

There are two types of diagnostic tests that can be used to test for coronavirus in Fort Worth, TX:

Viral testing: The viral test is used to detect an existing infection. Our staff uses nasal swab testing for patients with active infections. We insert a soft-tipped swab into your nostril to collect a sample from the back of your nose and upper throat. This test is best for those who may be currently infected and who might be contagious. The virus can be detected 2 – 3 days after the patient was exposed to coronavirus. Most of our patients receive their results in 3 – 5 days.

Antibody testing: Antibody testing determines if someone previously had coronavirus. We will take a blood sample that looks for immunoglobulin M (iGm) and immunoglobulin G (igG) antibodies. The presence of either tells us if your body has fought off coronavirus and, most important, if you’re a carrier of COVID-19. This test can’t detect antibodies until at least 10 days after you were exposed to coronavirus. You can expect results within 2 – 4 days. Most major insurance providers will completely cover this test.

Visit our urgent care college clinic for immediate medical services

At University Urgent Care, we offer urgent care services and coronavirus testing at our Fort Worth, TX office. We also offer telehealth visits where you can discuss your medical issues with a medical professional from your home. Conveniently located in Fort Worth, TX, University Urgent Care serves the Frisco Heights, Tanglewood, Paschal, and TCU neighborhood areas. To schedule an appointment, call our professional team today at our TCU clinic.

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