Do You Need Stitches?

Cuts and scrapes happen regularly, and sometimes small wounds can be treated at home. However, some cuts require medical attention. The ER doctors and nurse practitioners at University Urgent Care in Fort Worth, TX can care for wounds and injuries. When a cut, laceration, or bite needs care, visit our urgent care facility seven days a week, no appointment necessary. We can treat wounds, so there is minimal scarring and no serious complications, such as infections. To shorten your wait time, check-in online on our website.

Can I get stitches at urgent care?

Yes, our professional medical staff is qualified to perform stitches to patients of all ages. We will first conduct an exam and ask your medical history before we treat your wound. Next, we will apply antibiotic cream to the wound before we stitch it closed. We will dress or bandage the wound to finish your visit. Always keep your wounds clean at home and change your dressing at least once daily. Make sure that the dressing is loose and won’t constrict blood flow in any way, as that will slow the healing process.

Will I need a tetanus or rabies shot?

After we take your medical history and access your medical situation, we can determine if you need a shot. We will ask your immunization history, and if you haven’t had a tetanus shot in ten years, we will administer one. If you were bit by an animal, you may have been exposed to rabies. Our doctors may also prescribe you antibiotics, which will help keep an infection from developing.

Stitches removal

Depending on your wound’s size and severity, you may need stitches to close off your wound or bite. This helps protect against bacteria and speeds up your recovery. If you get stitches at our urgent care facility in Fort Worth, TX, you will have to come back to our urgent care to remove your stitches. It’s important that you allow our medical team to remove your stitches and don’t try to do so on your own, which could put you at risk for infection.

Is it safe to visit your urgent care during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Don’t be afraid to visit our urgent care center during the pandemic as we follow all CDC safety guidelines closely. We want our office to be a safe place for our patients and their families, and our staff. We sanitize in between patients, both in the waiting room and all exam rooms. We follow all steps necessary to reduce the risk of coronavirus transfer at our Fort Worth, TX urgent care.

Treat a cut, laceration or bite with stitches

At University Urgent Care in Fort Worth, TX, our experienced medical staff can treat wounds quickly in our professional urgent care center. Conveniently located in Fort Worth, TX, University Urgent Care serves the Frisco Heights, Tanglewood, Paschal, and TCU neighborhood areas. We can treat cuts, lacerations, or animal bites that need professional care. Visit our urgent care facility for prompt medical care when you need it most.

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