Cough That Won’t Go Away?

A persistent cough is a common symptom of coronavirus, a cold, the flu, bronchitis, or pneumonia. When you’re experiencing a cough that won’t go away, you should visit a local urgent care center, like University Urgent Care in Fort Worth, TX, for medical care. During an illness exam, we can examine a patient to determine the cause of their persistent cough and provide immediate treatment.

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What causes a persistent cough?

A persistent cough in children or adults can be caused by many things, including:

  • Asthma
  • Allergies
  • Chronic bronchitis
  • Croup
  • Smoking
  • Postnasal drip
  • GERD
  • Coronavirus
  • Pneumonia
  • Whooping cough

Our ER doctors can examine a patient to determine which tests are necessary for a proper diagnosis.

How do I know if my cough warrants a trip to urgent care?

There are a few ways to know if your cough is serious enough for medical care, including:

Your cough lasts more than four days: Most colds clear up about then, so if you still have a cough, it’s time to see a doctor. Chronic coughing can signal an infection, such as bronchitis or pneumonia, or any other respiratory infection that won’t go away on its own.

Your symptoms return after you feel better: Your symptoms may go away and then return. This is usually a sign of a rebound illness or a superinfection.

Fever: If you have a fever over 103, this could signal an infection. Lower fevers for more than three to four days should also warrant a trip to University Urgent Care.

Coughing up blood: You need to see a doctor as soon as possible if you cough up any amount of blood. While coughing up saliva or phlegm during a cold is normal, blood is not.

Chest pain or shortness of breath: If your persistent cough leads to either of these symptoms, you may have something more serious that requires immediate medical attention.

What’s the difference between COVID-19 and a cold?

While both COVID-19 and cold may cause a cough, each is caused by a different virus. Coronavirus and, in particular, a new strain of it, SARS-CoV-2, is responsible for a serious case of COVID-19. When you’re exhibiting symptoms of the common cold that mimic coronavirus, our staff recommends you have a coronavirus test. At University Urgent Care, we offer viral and antibody COVID-19 testing for patients of all ages.

Get examined for your persistent cough at our urgent care clinic

Our ER doctors at University Urgent Care can examine patients to determine if they have a cold, sinus infection, bronchitis, pneumonia, or even coronavirus. At our urgent care center, we work diligently to maintain cleanliness, and we always follow all CDC guidelines closely. Conveniently located in Fort Worth, TX, University Urgent Care serves the Frisco Heights, Tanglewood, Paschal, and TCU neighborhoods. We can provide virtual health visits to our patients from the comfort of their homes and send their prescriptions directly to their pharmacy.

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