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Coronavirus disease, also known as COVID-19, is an illness caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. It is extremely contagious and can lead to mild to severe respiratory issues and a wide range of other symptoms. COVID-19 is more likely to cause serious medical problems in older people, as well as those with underlying health conditions. The virus can spread from person to person through numerous factors, such as sneezing, coughing, and being within close proximity of others who have COVID-19. If you suspect you have the virus, it is important to get tested and make sure you quarantine yourself away from others for at least 14 days. At University Urgent Care, we can test for both COVID-19 and its antibodies to determine if you have or have had the virus. If you need to be tested, contact us in Fort Worth, TX today to learn more.

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There are multiple symptoms associated with COVID-19 that may warrant you to get tested for the virus. At University Urgent Care, we not only provide COVID-19 testing, but we also offer COVID-19 antibody tests to detect if you have had the virus in the past. If you have experienced any of the following symptoms within the past 14 days, you may need to receive testing:

  • Loss of taste and/or smell
  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Fever and/or body chills
  • Body aches and pains
  • Difficulty breathing

To learn more about COVID-19 testing or if you suspect you have had the virus in the past and would like to test for antibodies, contact our Fort Worth, TX facility today. We can provide accurate diagnoses and determine if further treatment is necessary. At this time, we may also be able to detect if you are an ideal candidate for the COVID-19 vaccination.


The Delta variant is currently the predominant strain of the COVID-19 virus in the country. Studies have shown that it is more than twice as contagious as previous variants, as well as more dangerous to the unvaccinated population in comparison to previous strains. Symptoms of the Delta variant tend to present themselves in the same way as previous strains, though these symptoms have usually been found to take hold more rapidly, especially when it comes to the younger population. Some recent studies have shown this variant to grow incredibly quickly in the respiratory tract, which can lead to severe health problems.

While fully vaccinated individuals are able to contract the Delta variant, they are much less likely to do so and, if they do, the symptoms are usually much milder. It is also important to note that those who are vaccinated and become infected with the Delta variant are still able to transmit the virus to others. However, the length of this period of contagion is much shorter for patients who are fully vaccinated.


In addition to offering COVID-19 testing and antibody tests, University Urgent Care provides COVID-19 vaccines and boosters for the SARS-CoV-2 virus. If you’re in Fort Worth, TX, or the Tarrant County area and would like to schedule an appointment to receive a COVID-19 vaccine or booster, please call us today to schedule an appointment. Getting vaccinated against COVID-19 is quick, easy, and can help ensure you and your family feel secure in our fight against this virus.


While there is no known cure for COVID-19, there are treatment options available if you test positive for the virus. At our Fort Worth, TX facility, our medical team can diagnose COVID-19 and its antibodies to determine if treatment is necessary or if you are eligible for the vaccine. Contact University Urgent Care to discover more about your COVID-19 options and to schedule testing.


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