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What is Botox

To diminish the effects of facial aging and to smooth out lines and wrinkles on the forehead and upper face, University Urgent Care in Fort Worth, TX is proud to offer BOTOX to local patients. This nonsurgical facial rejuvenation treatment provides amazing results and is popular among both men and women. BOTOX can make a dramatic enhancement to dynamic lines and wrinkles, which are the result of repetitive expressions and muscles movements. While lines may disappear when you relax your face, creases may remain. BOTOX is a purified strain of botulinum toxin (type A) that temporarily blocks the movements of the underlying tissue and muscle. To reduce the appearance of these dynamic lines and wrinkles, BOTOX is injected to “freeze” the muscle and soften the skin. This specific injection is most commonly placed between the brows (11 lines), in the glabella, on the Crow’s feet, and throughout the forehead.


BOTOX is used for individuals who hope to soften the appearance of dynamic wrinkles, lines, and moderate creases on their face without surgery. In some cases, younger patients choose to have preventative BOTOX to get ahead of the aging process before lines become visible. It is an effective injectable treatment if you have obvious forehead lines, frown lines, wrinkles around the eyes, and other concerns. It’s also a solution for Crow’s feet. If you have deeper lines, a combination of BOTOX and injectable fillers (BOTOX plus JUVÉDERM) may be a better option. Also, if you are older with moderate to severe skin laxity, you may be a candidate for a facelift. This offers a more dramatic result and it is meant to last years.


BOTOX injectable treatments are performed as an outpatient procedure right at University Urgent Care. If it is your first time to visit us in Fort Worth, TX for BOTOX, we usually perform the injection within the same appointment as your consultation. You will be asked to make a number of facial expressions using the upper face, such as squinting, frowning, etc., which will allow us to mark where the injections need to be placed. The skin will be cleansed and BOTOX will be injected under the skin using a fine needle, followed by a cold compress to help prevent bruising and discomfort. You can request a numbing cream to make the procedure more comfortable, but it generally is not needed. BOTOX injections typically take about 10 – 15 minutes, after which you can get back to your normal day almost immediately.


After the BOTOX injection, you are allowed to return to your normal schedule, but strenuous activities, like exercise, should be postponed for at least a day. You will be asked to sleep with your head elevated for the first night and to not touch or rub your face, which may inadvertently spread the medication to other areas. The treated areas of the face may become red, swollen, or bruised for a couple of days, but you should not have any serious or lasting side effects. In the majority of cases, it generally takes about 5 – 7 days before the full effects of BOTOX become visible. BOTOX results generally last 3 – 4 months. You should speak to your injector about how often to schedule a BOTOX follow-up appointment at University Urgent Care to refresh your results.


How much does BOTOX cost?
The total cost for BOTOX injections will depend on how much product is used. This will vary based on your needs and goals. During your consultation, we will form your personal treatment plan before we can estimate your BOTOX costs. BOTOX can produce amazing results when performed by a skilled injector, but it can be unsafe if done by someone without training, which is why it’s better to avoid places offering knock-off or cheap BOTOX injections.

How long will my results last?
Results from BOTOX can last up to four months. Most patients schedule a visit 3-4 times per year to maintain their results, but you may come back sooner. If you are getting BOTOX while you are younger as a preventive treatment, you may be able to schedule visits further apart. After listening to your goals and forming your treatment plan, we will be able to estimate when you should schedule your next BOTOX  appointment in Fort Worth.

What’s the difference between BOTOX INJECTABLES, Dysport, and Xeomin?
BOTOX, Dysport, and Xeomin are brands of injectable wrinkle relaxers that use botulinum toxin (type A). They all relax facial muscles to soften dynamic wrinkles, but each formula is designed to suit specific areas and needs. There are subtle differences between them, including the amount in each dose, treatment spread, and length of results. Our knowledgeable team will help determine the best wrinkle relaxer for your needs and goals.

When applied properly, BOTOX rarely causes any complications. With that said, it is important to choose someone who has experience and training in handling this medication. Over-injecting BOTOX can give you an undesirable outcome. A skilled BOTOX injector will use just enough of the medication to effectively paralyze the muscles that cause wrinkles while leaving nearby muscles unaffected. One of the most popular cosmetic treatments on the market today, BOTOX is safe and approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In addition to cosmetic uses, BOTOX is also used to treat medical issues, including facial spasms, excessive sweating, uncontrollable blinking, and migraines.


No more worrying! You can smile, frown, laugh, and make any expression you want without causing wrinkles, thanks to BOTOX wrinkle treatments. To smooth out lines throughout the face, we invite you to schedule a consultation appointment with University Urgent Care in Fort Worth, TX to discover more about this revolutionary nonsurgical injectable.


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