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What is Urgent Care?

When you are suffering from a migraine, bleeding, infection, or abscess and you need urgent care, University Urgent Care in Fort Worth, TX is here for you — serving the Tanglewood, Paschal, TCU, and Frisco Heights neighborhoods with superior care. Our ER doctors and nurse practitioners, state-of-the-art laboratory, and private exam rooms set us apart from other urgent care facilities in our area. When you need superior care in a time-efficient manner, University Urgent Care has you covered. These urgent health matters can be severe, painful, and concerning and should be attended to before they increase in severity and potentially cause more serious concerns.

Urgent Care treatment for an Abscess

An abscess is a painful mass on the skin typically caused by an infection. The skin around the mass is usually red in color and tender to the touch. Abscesses can be located anywhere on the body and are filled with pus (from the accumulation of bacteria and debris). Abscesses can be caused by an ingrown hair, as well as minor tears and trauma. When bacteria enters the site of the injured skin, the area can become infected and result in an abscess, which will most likely require draining. 

Urgent care treatment for Migraines

A migraine is an excruciating headache that is accompanied by symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, blurred vision, and sensitivity to sounds, lights, and smell. Migraines can be caused by a variety of factors, and can come on suddenly and last hours or days. Migraines commonly require medical treatment before subsiding. 

Urgent care treatment for Bleeding

Bleeding unexpectedly or heavily from an accident, an injury, an animal bite, or pregnancy can be concerning and may require medical attention. For urgent matters involving bleeding, University Urgent Care is equipped to provide time-efficient care. 

urgent care treatment for an Infection

Wound infection can become severe if not treated. Infections begin with tenderness and redness around the wound. Next, streaks of red, pus, and drainage may begin to appear. The infected area will feel hot to the touch and you may begin to experience a fever and flu-like symptoms. Suspected wound infections should always be treated at the earliest stages possible. 

Who is a candidate for Urgent Care treatment?

Abscesses, migraines, bleeding, and infection can be life-altering conditions. This is not the case when properly treated in the early stages. University Urgent Care is equipped with advanced technology, a skilled staff, and the experience necessary to efficiently and successfully tackle these medical conditions head-on, yielding quick healing and successful outcomes. If after reading about these conditions you feel that you may be experiencing one of them, you should make your way to our urgent care facility right away. 

What Can I expect during an urgent care visit?

If the severity of your condition is enough to forego emergency treatment, we will begin your evaluation with a discussion about your medical history, current medications, and symptoms. In most situations, we will thoroughly examine you for additional and underlying symptoms and may request a blood sample. Our onsite laboratory is state of the art and efficient, often returning test results in as little as 15 minutes. Should your condition require a CT scan, we will perform one in order to properly diagnose your condition. If upon your arrival to our facility your condition seems dire, we will escort you to the nearest emergency room. 

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University Urgent Care is quick, efficient, and skilled to handle a vast number of urgent care situations. Conveniently located in Fort Worth, TX, our facility caters to the Greater DFW area with superior urgent care. Our physicians are board certified in emergency medicine and our exam rooms are private. If you find yourself in an urgent care situation, we invite you to seek treatment at our facility as soon as possible. 

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