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The word "rash" is a general term used to characterize any kind of discoloration and inflammation that occurs on the skin. Rashes can be brought on by infections that are fungal, viral, bacterial, or parasitic. While some are not contagious, there are a few types of rashes that can be spread from person to person if not properly addressed. When you have a rash that causes you discomfort or frustration, seeking out advanced medical attention can be vital. At University Urgent Care in Fort Worth, TX, our highly skilled team addresses a range of rashes for patients of all ages to restore their comfort and the quality of their skin. We will thoroughly evaluate your condition and determine which path for treatment will be the most effective for your unique skin concerns.

What kinds of SKIN RASHES do you treat?

Not all rashes are alike, and there is a wide variety of skin conditions that can harm your complexion, causing discomfort and irritation. Some of the types of rashes we treat at University Urgent Care include:

  • Contact dermatitis
  • Atopic dermatitis
  • Hives
  • Heat rash
  • Athlete's foot
  • Rosacea
  • Psoriasis


Since there are many different types of rashes, there is a wide range of events or aspects that could cause a rash to develop. Usually, a rash forms when an individual encounters something that leads to an infection or allergic reaction. Cleaning chemicals, some lotions or soaps, pollen, and animal dander could cause an allergic reaction and result in a rash developing somewhere on the body. There is a number of different bacteria and viruses that can cause skin breakouts as well. Patients who have asthma, sensitive skin, allergies, or hay fever are typically more prone to getting skin rashes.

What are the SYMPTOMS of Skin rashes?

The symptoms you experience from a rash can vary, depending on the type of rash you have and its cause. The most common signs you will see when you have a rash consist of redness or skin discoloration, blisters, itching, burning, inflammation, or stinging. These irritants can range from mild to severe and can cover a small or large portion of the body. A rash can develop anywhere along the body where an infection or bacteria can harm or afflict the skin.

How are skin rashes treated?

Treatment for a rash will vary based on the type of rash you have and its specific cause. To diagnose your skin breakout, a member of our urgent care team will ask questions about your occupation, family history, allergies, and assess the appearance of your rash. Some over-the-counter remedies can help, such as topical hydrocortisone or a mild cleanser. However, the quickest and most effective way to address a rash is through prescription-strength antibacterial, antibiotic, or antifungal cream or gel that can be applied topically to the area to ease and manage your symptoms.

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At University Urgent Care, our skilled team of emergency treatment specialists offers a range of solutions to address harmful and irritating skin rashes. Many of these rashes can cause symptoms that can get in the way of your comfortable life. If you develop any patchy, red, or bumpy areas on the skin and think you might have a rash, schedule an appointment at our Fort Worth, TX office, or stop by for a visit.

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