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What is a Hangover Treatment?

While a night of drinking can be fun, many people find themselves suffering the effects the next day with a hangover. Alcohol has a diuretic effect, causing the body to urinate more frequently and can lead to dehydration and low electrolyte levels. Alcohol also makes your sleep more disruptive so you feel tired for the rest of the day. Common home remedies like coffee can actually make dehydration worse, and drinking water or sports drinks can take several hours to relieve a hangover. At University Urgent Care near the Texas Christian University (TCU) campus, we offer intravenous (IV) nutrient therapy to effectively treat hangovers and dehydration. For patients in Frisco Heights, Paschal, Tanglewood, and nearby Fort Worth, TX areas, UUC is open 7 days a week and staffed by experienced, ER doctors and nurse practitioners who can help relieve the side effects of dehydration and hangovers quickly with IV nutrient therapy. While no appointment is needed, patients can use our online check-in for faster treatment of dehydration caused by a hangover or illness.

What are the symptoms of a hangover?

Dehydration can be caused by alcohol consumption or illnesses, like a 24-hour stomach bug, the flu, food poisoning, and heat exhaustion. Patients may experience many symptoms including:

  • Dizziness
  • Dry mouth
  • Headache
  • Lethargy
  • Muscle weakness
  • Nausea/vomiting

How Can a Hangover be cured?

Each patient will be evaluated to determine their symptoms, along with their medical history and current medications to determine if IV nutrient therapy is appropriate. A vein, typically in the arm, will be chosen and the overlying skin will be sterilized before the needle is put into the vein. The needle will allow the nutrients to enter the bloodstream directly to rapidly improve the patient's fluid levels. Once the bag of fluids is empty, the patient should be feeling better and will be allowed to leave. Patients should continue to hydrate at home and contact UUC if their symptoms continue or get worse.

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Don't let dehydration caused by a hangover or stomach virus ruin your whole day. Visit University Urgent Care in Fort Worth, TX for fast, effective IV replenishment to help your body recover from a hangover or illness. UUC is open 7 days a week with no appointments needed for IV nutrient therapy or any of our other urgent care services.

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