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What Is a Wound Injury?

Cuts and scrapes are a part of everyday life and small wounds can be treated at home; however, in some cases, an injury can require medical attention. The urgent care doctors at University Urgent Care (UUC) in Fort Worth, TX are board certified in emergency medicine and experienced in caring for wounds and injuries. UUC helps patients in the neighborhoods around Texas Christian University (TCU), including Frisco Heights, Paschal, and Tanglewood, when a cut, laceration, or animal bite needs professional care. Open 7 days a week with no appointments necessary, UUC can help treat wounds so there's minimal scarring and serious complications like an infection are avoided. To shorten your wait, try our online check-in feature.

Do I Have a Wound Injury?

Any bite wound, whether from a human or animal, should be treated by a professional to check for signs of infection. If a cut is deeper than 1 inch or it does not stop bleeding after 15 minutes, medical attention is needed. Keep wounds clean and apply pressure until you reach our office. If a wound is not healing normally or shows signs of an infection (fever, body aches, pus), you need medical care.

How Are Wound INjuries Treated?

When you visit UUC, our team will begin by getting your medical history, including current medications and known allergies, as well as your vital signs. Your wound will be assessed and tests may be ordered to confirm your diagnosis before your treatment plan is created. In most cases, the wound will be cleaned and closed with stitches. If you have not had a tetanus shot in the past 10 years, it will be given to protect you from developing tetanus from the wound. A round of antibiotics is often prescribed to prevent an infection from developing. Our doctors will give each patient instructions for caring for the wound at home and when to follow up.

Will I Need Stitches for my Wound Injury?

Depending on the severity and size of your wound, you may require stitches to close off the area, protect against bacteria, and help speed along your recovery. If you receive sutures after being treated for an injury, our team will get with you on the ideal time to come back so that we can safely remove your stitches in our clean, well-kept office. We do not advise patients to remove sutures on their own, as this could lead to an infection if done incorrectly.

How are Stitches done?

For stitches, our physicians will carefully sew your cut together with sutures. A local anesthetic will be utilized to make your procedure as comfortable as possible. The area will also be thoroughly cleaned to reduce the risk of infection. Necessary aftercare instructions will be provided to ensure you heal properly.

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At UUC in Fort Worth, our team is skilled with treating wounds quickly in our well-equipped facility. With a convenient location near TCU that's open 7 days a week, visit UUC for wounds, cuts, lacerations, and animal bites that need professional medical care.

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