Information About Trauma and Injury Services

Unfortunately, accidents happen. That's why at University Urgent Care, we offer numerous procedures to help in any situation regarding trauma or injury. This can include foreign object removal, wound injuries, eye injuries, sports injuries, and any other number of physical ailments. Visit our facility in Fort Worth, TX today to consult with our expert team about the best possible way to correct your trauma.

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University Urgent Care can perform foreign object removal for items stuck in the nose, ears, or under the skin (subcutaneous) to relieve discomfort.

Minor first- and second-degree burns to the skin caused by chemicals, fire, or electrical sources should be treated to minimize external damage.

Minor eye injuries (chemical burns, cuts, scratches, blunt trauma) should be assessed by a medical professional to avoid long-term complications.

Get fast medical care for injuries to your skin, including rashes, insect bites, and poison ivy, to treat discomfort, reactions, and infections.

Sports injuries, including concussions, joint dislocations, bone fractures, and sprains, can be diagnosed and treated at University Urgent Care.

Get a professional, medical diagnosis and care for wound injuries, like cuts, lacerations, and animal bites, at University Urgent Care in Fort Worth.