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Most middle and high schools require students to bring proof of a medical test called a physical stating that they are in good enough health to participate in extracurricular activities. This is a routine examination, much like a check-up, which checks the overall health of the student. University Urgent Care in Fort Worth, TX provides physicals in our private examination rooms with the help of our board-certified physicians. We currently serve the Paschal, Tanglewood, TCU, and Frisco Heights neighborhoods from our convenient location and offer comprehensive care, including school physicals, for students of all ages. 

About Sports Physicals

If your child needs to have a physical to participate in sports, you can bring him or her to University Urgent Care. A sports physical will not be as in-depth as an annual physical. Usually, the only requirement that a physician states that your child is healthy and can participate in the requested sport. An annual physical is more involved with your child's medical and family medical history. However, a sports physical is very limited in what is covered. Your child will still need to have an annual physical because it will focus on all aspects of his or her health. The good news is that we offer both for your convenience.

Purpose of the Physical

Consistent, annual school physicals can allow parents and physicians the opportunity to catch medical conditions that may not have otherwise been realized. Comprehensive school physicals, which thoroughly examine a student's well-being, allow them to maintain their good health or address declining health. Tests to determine the student's range of motion, eyesight, hearing, and cognition can help to assure the school/program whether or not the student is healthy enough for vigorous activity throughout the sports season. Furthermore, annual physicals may uncover a silent health condition, allowing it to be addressed and treated before becoming severe.

What to Bring

Since each school and sport is different, the student should check to find out what the specific requirements are for their activity. In general, the student should bring all forms that need to be completed so that our University Urgent Care physicians can be sure what exact exams need to be carried out. If the student wears glasses or contacts, they should bring those as well in case their school requires any vision tests. The student or parent should also be familiar with the family medical history before the physical in order to answer any of the physician’s questions.

What to Expect

While every school or sports program has different requirements for sports physicals, most will include the same basic proceedings that test the health of the student and detect potential medical problems. Medical history will be discussed to give the physician a clear idea of the family's present and past conditions. Lifestyle and habits, such as smoking and diet, will be discussed, and vaccines will be checked in order to help diagnose current issues and prevent future ones. Depending on the school’s particular requirements, an exam will be conducted along with a vitals check, meaning our physician will take down the student’s pulse, blood pressure, weight and height, respiration rates, and temperature. The physician will then observe the student’s general appearance, including the hair, nails, abdomen, limbs, head, and neck for any abnormalities or physical issues. The physician may test lung function, muscle strength, reflexes and balance, flexibility, posture, and joints. 

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School Physical, Check!

If your middle or high school-aged student needs to undergo a physical for upcoming athletic participation, University Urgent Care can help. Our convenient location in Fort Worth, combined with our state-of-the-art technology and board-certified physicians, set our urgent care facility apart from other clinics in our area. We can help check this back-to-school item off your list while providing you with comprehensive care in a thorough and time-efficient manner. 

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