What Can a Complete Metabolic Panel Tell About Body Functions?

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A complete metabolic panel measures levels of chemicals and other components in the body, which gives our medical team a better idea of how your body is working. This helps us to diagnose you when acute symptoms develop, and it’s important during routine health exams too. At University Urgent Care in Fort Worth, TX, we give metabolic panel blood tests on-site at our certified lab. Our ER doctors and nurse practitioners can explain your metabolic panel results to help you determine if any treatments are necessary for your health.

What does a metabolic panel show?

A complete metabolic panel gives our team a lot of valuable information about how your body is functioning, including electrolytes, creatinine, calcium, or blood sugar. A metabolic panel test helps us to determine the cause of symptoms that a patient visits University Urgent Care for. It also helps us track a patient’s health over time and decide if they are a risk for certain medical conditions.

What does a metabolic panel test for?

A complete metabolic panel evaluates the levels of several different chemicals in the body, including:

It helps our team to check several body functions and processes, including liver and kidney health, metabolism, blood protein levels, and acid and base balance. It can also monitor the side effects of different medications a patient may be taking.

How do I prepare for a metabolic panel?

You may need to fast for at least 10 – 12 hours before the test. Also, do not exercise before the test because it can skew your results. Our team will inform you if you should refrain from taking certain medications before your test.

Before the test is performed, we will discuss your medical history and any current medications, vitamins, and supplements you are taking. Next, we will take a blood sample from a sterilized area of skin, usually above a vein in the arm. Ultimately, a complete metabolic panel is a safe procedure with minimal risks for patients of all ages.

About complete metabolic panel results

When the test is complete, we will follow-up with you about the complete metabolic panel results of your metabolic panel and make treatment recommendations if necessary. Some potential conditions that can be detected after a metabolic panel include kidney failure, diabetes, and liver disease. As a result of your diagnosis, we may recommend additional testing.

Understand how well your body is functioning with a complete metabolic panel

To get a better idea of how well your body is functioning, it’s important to have a regular complete metabolic panel. This gives our ER doctors and nurse practitioners at University Urgent Care in Fort Worth, TX the chance to ensure your health is at its best. Our on-site lab can quickly process your test and get you your results. University Urgent Care serves the Frisco Heights, Tanglewood, Paschal, and TCU neighborhoods.

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