How to Care for a Wound After Stitches Are Removed

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It’s always good news when the stitches are removed following a surgical procedure or another treatment. The moment means the riskiest part of the healing process is complete. The skin and tissues in the area are becoming fused together, making it easier for the patient to recover.

The ER doctors and nurse practitioners at University Urgent Care in Fort Worth, TX understand the importance of wound care after stitches to avoid infection or re-injuring the affected area. We also recognize that the healing process is only the beginning after removing the stitches. Sometimes, the stitches are removed 24 hours after a procedure, but it may be longer depending on the situation.

Here are a few tips to help you keep your wound safe and secure after having your stitches removed:

Be sure to keep the wound dry

The wound must stay dry after the stitches are removed, especially during the first day after. The incision can be cleaned off the following day, but it should be handled with care. Excess stress from water and cleaning methods could irritate the wound area. Be gentle when towel-drying the area as well.

Always avoid excess movement

Be cautious when moving the area of your body where the wound appears on the skin. If you are not cautious, excess motion can cause the wound to reopen. The stitches may have been removed, but the area is still vulnerable to possible harm.

Keep clean covering over the wound

The ER doctors and nurse practitioners at University Urgent Care in Fort Worth, TX can help you manage the initial treatment, but there’s also a potential for the wound site to start bleeding again. While the bleeding won’t be as significant as it was when the stitches were there, it could still occur. Keep a clean covering over the wound and replace it with a new bandage or gauze material if the old one is dirty. You may require antibiotic ointment over the wound area before applying a new covering. You can find many over-the-counter antibiotic treatments suitable for your wound.

Keep the wound away from direct sunlight

The area of the skin where the wound is located can be more sensitive and more susceptible to burning and discoloration if exposed to direct sunlight. Keep the site away from sunlight and be sure to apply sunscreen over the surface if you are out in the elements. The area requires regular protection for the first few months to reduce the risk of significant scarring in that spot.

Wash your hands before handling the area

The last tip to follow involves preparing your hands for managing the area. Always wash your hands before you handle the wound area for any purpose. Any outside germs or bacteria on your hands could harm the wound area where contact is made.

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