Tips to Avoid a Trip to Urgent Care Over the Holidays

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Most people are looking to avoid a trip to an urgent care center this year, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. At University Urgent Care in Fort Worth, TX, we follow all CDC guidelines closely to ensure our facility is sanitized to keep our staff and patients healthy. The holidays can be a busy time for injuries and illnesses, like the flu. If it's a serious injury or illness, you should visit the emergency room. However, for nonemergencies, our highly trained staff can offer quality medical care while saving you time and money.

Reasons for an urgent care visit

Some of the most common reasons to visit an urgent care facility in Fort Worth, TX during the holidays include:

  • Flu

  • Sinus infection

  • Bronchitis or respiratory illness

  • Dehydration (due to alcohol consumption)

  • Fever

  • Minor burns or cuts

  • Minor injuries requiring an x-ray

  • Urinary tract infection symptoms (which can worsen when left untreated)

  • Signs of an allergic reaction (but can breathe, if not, go to the ER)

  • Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea for more than two days

  • A sore throat and/or swollen lymph nodes

At University Urgent Care, we pride ourselves on treating a variety of illnesses and injuries, 365 days a year.

When to visit the ER

Emergency rooms should only be used for emergency situations. When you have a life-threatening condition, go to the nearest ER. It’s important to understand when a visit to the ER is really necessary. Many health issues aren’t medical emergencies.

You should visit an emergency room and not our urgent care center when you have:

  • Difficulty breathing or swollen airways

  • Chest pain

  • Severe bleeding

  • Head trauma

  • Stroke symptoms

  • Numbness down your arm or leg

  • Loss of vision or any other sense

  • Broken bones

  • Severe stomach pain that includes coughing or vomiting blood

All of these are instances in which you should visit your local ER and not our urgent care center during this holiday season.

Avoid a trip to urgent care this holiday season

Be careful of common holiday mishaps, such as fireplaces, poisonous plants (such as mistletoe), or areas where guests may fall. Seek treatment at University Urgent Care when you need medical care that is quick and efficient. Not only is the wait time shorter, but your risk of contracting coronavirus is much lower than that at the hospital. Taking preventive measures, such as washing your hands often, can help ensure you don’t get a cold or flu this holiday season, too.

Be proactive about your health during the holidays

By being proactive about your health, you can make sure that your health is intact all year long. Seeing your family doctor regularly can prevent you from ending up in the ER or our urgent care center. Regular visits help detect early signs of medical conditions that can become medical emergencies when left untreated.

When you need urgent care treatment, visit University Urgent Care in Fort Worth, TX. Our medical team also offers telemedicine with an online consultation. Conveniently located in Fort Worth, TX, University Urgent Care serves the Frisco Heights, Tanglewood, Paschal, and TCU neighborhood areas.

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