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What to Do If Your Child Exhibits COVID-19 Symptoms


If your child exhibits COVID-19 symptoms, it’s important to have them tested for coronavirus ASAP.


Should You Get A Flu Shot Early This Year?


Avoid a bad flu season with a flu shot during the COVID-19 pandemic in Fort Worth, TX.


I Have Cold-Like Symptoms. Should I Get Tested For COVID-19?


Understanding the symptoms of coronavirus helps you know when you should be tested at an urgent care center.


When Should You Go To Urgent Care Versus Your Doctor


It’s important to know when you should go to your doctor and when to visit your local urgent care.


How to Know If Urgent Care Can Stitch Up Your Cut


Knowing if you can visit your local urgent care center for stitches is important when you need medical care.


Who Is at Risk for coronavirus?


Knowing if you’re more likely to contract coronavirus helps you to take preventive measures for your family.


What Conditions Can Be Treated At An Urgent Care Center?


Urgent care facilities can treat a variety of illnesses and injuries for patients in Fort Worth, TX.


Attention Students! You Can Get a School Physical at Urgent Care


When you need a school physical for your children, visit your local student urgent care center in Fort Worth, TX.


What Are The Different Types of Burns and How Are They Treated?


Burns can affect the skin layers and underlying tissue. Learn how to treat different types of burns and when to seek immediate medical attention.


How To Prevent Contracting Coronavirus


Learning how to prevent catching the coronavirus ensures that you and your family remain as healthy as possible in Fort Worth, TX.


Tips for Avoiding Dehydration in the Summer Heat


Knowing how to avoid dehydration during the summer helps you to keep feeling your best during warm weather.


Is It Safe to Visit Urgent Care With Non-Coronavirus Issues?


When you’re sick or are injured during the COVID-19 pandemic, you will want to know if it’s safe to visit an urgent care center.


What is the Difference Between Urgent Care and a Hospital ER?


When you require medical treatment, you want to understand when you should go to an urgent care center and when you should go to the nearest emergency


Can You Visit an Urgent Care Facility to Be Tested for Coronavirus?


When you suspect that you may have coronavirus, our urgent care facility can test you for COVID-19 in Fort Worth, TX.


Managing Allergies In The Time of Coronavirus

Dr. Shane Cole | 04/28/2020

The Coronavirus is relatively new, and our team is here to guide your treatment plan based on your unique needs in-person or online.


What is telemedicine?

Dr. Shane Cole | 04/18/2020

University Urgent Care now offers online appointments. Call to book your visit and see a doctor today.


How to Make It Through The Stay-At-Home Order

Dr. Shane Cole | 04/04/2020

Stay home, work safe. Let’s explore helpful tips to keep you healthy, safe, and sane during these extraordinary times.


How to Get Rid of Bruises

Dr. Shane Cole | 03/23/2020

Bruising is a normal response to any injury. Let’s take a closer look at how to get rid of bruises and when to see a doctor.


What To Do When You Get a Sore Throat

Dr. Shane Cole | 03/19/2020

Painful, dry, scratchy- the bothersome symptoms of a sore throat are hard to ignore. Let’s dive into what to do when you get a sore throat.


How to Prevent UTIs

Dr. Shane Cole | 03/12/2020

Let’s take a closer look at the best ways to prevent a urinary tract infection and avoid the painful, pesky symptoms altogether.


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